How do I block unwanted email?

  This tool denies e-mail from unwanted addresses.
The address input box can contain a variety of entries specifying whose e-mail you wish to refuse, including:
  • A specific user address - user@host.dom
    Specifying an e-mail address will block any e-mail sent specifically from that e-mail address.

  • A host or a domain name - host01.spam.dom or spam.dom
    All addresses that end with this host or domain name are rejected. The mail is rejected if this is either in the mail's FROM: address, or it is in the hostname of the connecting SMTP client.

  • A specific IP network address -
    All e-mail coming from the IP address of the SMTP client will be rejected.

  1. From the control panel, find the dropdown box that says "Manage Email Services".
  2. Select the "Block unwanted e-mail" option, and click "GO"
  3. To add an address to block, enter the address, domain name, or IP address in the input box and click on the Add the blocked address.
  4. To remove a blocked address, enter the address in the input box and click on Remove the alias.
  5. To modify an existing block you must first remove it and then add the blocked address again.

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